F  O  O  T  B  A  L  L     C  L  U  B
  Olympic Board Members      
  Title Name Mobile Email
  Club President Stavros Parissos 0412 454 770 president@aofc.com.au
  Club Vice President Archie Christakos    
  Club Secretary Dorothea Tsatsos   secretary@aofc.com.au
  Club Treasurer Helen Dimas    
  Senior Sports Director Alby Kidd    
  Marketing Manager Illia Sotiropoulos    
  Senior Sports Assistant Aggie Simone    
  Catering Manager Peter Frantzeskakis    
  Support Staff      
  Media     media@aofc.com.au
  Senior Coaching Committee      
  Title Name Mobile Email
  Technical Director Alby Kidd    
  1st Team Coaches: Michael Barnett    
  Senior Team Manager Chris Nicolaou    
  Reserves Team Coach Shane Porter    
  Reserves Team Manager Nick Papanicolaou    
  Under 18 Team Coach Yianni Stamatelopoulos    
  Under 18 Team Manager Ruben Garcia-Byrne    
  Junior Football      
  Title Name Mobile Email
  Junior Sports Director Michael Malandris 0417 861 071 juniordirector@aofc.com.au
  Junior Secretary     juniorsecretary@aofc.com.au
  Junior Coaching Director Gareth Thomas    
Senior Grounds - Elite Systems Football Centre
  Contact Information
  Postal Address
  Adelaide Olympic Football Club Incorporated
  PO Box 20, Welland 5007
  South Australia
  Senior Club Address - Click here for directions...
  Elite Systems Football Centre
  2-46 Cowan Street, Angle Park, SA 5010
  Junior Club Address - Click here for directions...
  Ferryden Park Reserve
  1 Perth Street, Ferryden Park, SA 5010
  Email Addresses
  General Enquiries: secretary@aofc.com.au
  Juniors Enquiries/Feedback: juniorsecretary@aofc.com.au
  Accounts: tba
  Website: www.aofc.com.au
Junior Clubhouse & Grounds - Perth Street Ferryden Park
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