Adelaide Olympic FC History

1978 - 1981

Adelaide Asteras

The club was originally founded in 1978 under the name of Adelaide Asteras.


First Game

The club played its first games in 1979 in the 6th division of the Amateur league. Its initial home games were played at Woodville West. The club won the 6th division amassing 104 goals including one 15-0 victory over West End United.


SASF Metro League

In 1981 the club joined the SASF Metro League and won the league in its first season.


Thebarton Asteras

They were promoted to the 2nd division, finished last and relegated back to the Metro League in 1982.

In 1982 the club changed its name to Thebarton Asteras.



In 1983 they finished second and were promoted back up to the 2nd division. The club struggled in the 2nd division for the next eight years.


Greek Orthodox association of South Australia

In 1988 Thebarton Asteras were taken over by the Greek Orthodox association of South Australia Incorporated.

In 1989 the club changed its name to Olympians.



In 1998 the Greek Orthodox Association of South Australia Incorporated relinquished the Olympians soccer Club, which amalgamated with SAASL Club “Adelaide Rodos Soccer Club”, while keeping the playing name of Olympians.


Adelaide Hellenic Soccer Club

In 1999 Olympians amalgamated with the Regency Lions Sports and Social Club (SAASL Playing Name : Adelaide Hellenic Soccer Club).

2000 - 2001

Adelaide Olympic

In 2000, the name was changed to Olympic Football Club.  In 2001, the club adopted its current name of Adelaide Olympic.


Second on the Premier League table

Adelaide Olympic then continued with another good year in 2005 once again finishing second on the Premier League table and making the finals again however they lost to eventual champions Adelaide City in the semifinal.



Adelaide Olympic were relegated at the end of the 2006 season due to the loss of many of their key experienced players and an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the board. The 2006 squad was made up of mostly the clubs youth players who although gave their absolute best could not avoid relegation.

2007 - 2009

Return to the first division

Seasons 2007/08/09 were spent languishing mid-table in the second division and a massive amount of debt being accumulated.

During the end of the 2009 season a number of key figures within the Adelaide Greek community joined forces to rescue Adelaide Olympic and return the club to the first division (now called super league). A new board was elected and got on with job of sorting out the club’s finances. A number of former players returned and the club will now confidently challenge for promotion in to the first division.


Getting Stronger

2013 sees the club moving from strength to strength with a strong commitment to the development of their Juniors and a policy centred round the promotion of young players.